Tally Integration

          We are the best software providers in Coimbatore. We can integrate the tally ERP 9 into our Optech inventory software. Tally is one of the most popular account software in India. Import and Export of our software account data to and from Tally are made simple and effective, which ease fiscal accountant’s task. Tally is an account software program for establishing a company’s day-to- day business data. Tally ERP 9 is among India’s most vastly used account programs. Its all-in-one enterprise account software is useful for all the businesses. Tally is a perfect business and operation result and GST software with an ideal combination of function control and in erected combustibility. There are only two types of Tally software.

Tally Integration Software - Optech Software

           One is Tally ERP 9 Single user and the other one is Tally multi-user. You can get further information about the software by visiting our website. Tally ERP 9 is a important account program that integrates with a variety of other marketable systems, including deals, copping, force, finance, payroll and further. Multitudinous businesses now use Tally to save time and perform accurate calculations that help them in creating indefectible marketable deals. This is important for GST compliance as well. Optech Inventory Software is a all – around, billing, invoicing and force operation software simply for trading, retail, uncommercial agencies and product handling. Express Inventory is made up on advanced technology tools and flexible configuration that makes actually intuitive user interface. We can easily work with tally and the Billing software. This is used to handle the tally and Optech billing software in the single interface.

             We’ve provisioned to colorful diligence in helping them influence the benefit of IT to upgrade their business process and response time. Our Software has helped them to reduce their staff cost at a great position. The diligence we’ve delivered results include.

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