SMS Alerts Services

        We’re also Get SMS Alerts of our business transactions fast and secure at affordable cost. Send SMS of offers, reminders etc. to your customers from our Optech operation. With the point of turning into the accomplished of decision for our customers in the picked field of movable. In India, SMS dispatches have come a common tool for businesses to communicate with their guests regarding payments. After all, textbook dispatches have a 98 opening rate, which is much advanced than emails, so the chances of your guests missing your dispatches are slim. also, guests tend to respond faster to SMS than to an email. And that’s why we’ve introduced the SMS add-on to Optech software and Optech GST billing invoice application. Now you can reach your guests with just an SMS.

Promotional SMS

         A promotional SMS is a message sent by a trademark to views and clients informing them about promotions, abatements, and offers. Marketers run promotional juggernauts to increase client engagement and rocket deals. Send pulsation allows you to produce ingrained subscription forms, automate SMS transferring, and epitomize the dispatches for better performance. Promotional SMS is used for dispatching marketing and sales communications. They’re delivered only to option and non-DND figures. Promotional SMS should be transferred between 10 am and 9 pm. Promotional dispatches have a arbitrary number Sender ID determined by the Optech software.

Transactional SMS
        A transactional SMS is anon-marketing automated textbook communication that companies send to support their cult along the customer journey. Transactional SMS can be implemented for many different functions throughout the entire customer journey with Welcome messages, Order confirmations, Shipping updates, Appointment confirmations, Booking reminders, One- Time Passwords and etc., these are all the transactional SMS alert on Optech software.
The SMS alerts is the most important for keeping a great customer relation.

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