Tally Integration –

No business is active or efficiently functioning without this ‘Tally’ software in their budget & ROI verification. Optech steps into tally integration in our own software so now each of our earlier and new customers can manage all your company’s multiple accounts in a single software which reduces time, additional software cost and human errors etc. To conduct any automation task or reduce the human work of the data entries your enterprise must connect this ‘Tally’ to your existing billing softwares without fail.

Our Optech gives the single tap option to attach this tally for real-time data consolidation from different sources of your administration which makes your employees effort less while at work. Get your complete answer and solution in this area by booking a demo session with us where we established many successful ‘Tally’ projects across India since our inception in this field.

Mobile App Integration –

In messy busy times, one business must also run in both online & offline mode to solve the billing, upcoming invoices & GST updates, and managing stocks etc. You can supervise all your daily sales reports on our app which is verified by the google play store and available completely for free without any fee/charge. Get the official reports live on your hand even if you’re far from your office/store.

Optech guides you about the entire process from app download to live monitoring on the free-demo session like

  1. Installing and registering on Optech App
  2. How to integrate with your company’s billing software?
  3. Where to check live status & sales reports?
  4. Online & Offline facilities of Optech app.

Point of Sales System – 

Never be slow on your billing & invoices with your customers it urges them to argue with your shop maintainers if there is a heavy queue. We deliver a POS model system for uninterrupted billings which suits for all retail, food courts, malls, cinemas etc. This suits all domains and departments for billing entries. Optech presents you the very most effective with simple UI which upholds your workflow and nourishes an error-free payment at all times while billing.

Outcomes of POS implementation –

  • Saves Managerial Time
  • Accurate the process of billing
  • Severe security
  • Accepts E-commerce platforms
  • Improves customer’s experience
  • Convince customers to buy digitally.

SMS Alert Services –

Tempt your buyers with ‘Thank You’ & ‘Wishes’ via messages through their officially registered phone numbers to your business. This satisfies every customer and holds psychological emotions with your company for life long and also you can promote new products with offers/coupons just by sending bulk SMS messages via Optech software by entering only the customer’s number and done with on single tap.

Data Security –

Sincerely, management of data is surveyed by our security heads to prevent loopholes leaks by 3rd parties/hackers. We assure that the top security system is enforced on Optech’s billing software and our team guides end-to-end awareness about billing scams & threats to avoid mistreatment while transactions on your account.

End-to-End data will be capsuled with modern bit code conversion to prevent any data missing of both you as well as your customer’s info.

We create with the heart & build with the mind Looking for quality GST Billing Software

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