Inventory Management –

Heavy, minimum & out of stocks must be monitored to run a balanced business. Our Inventory management ERP software handles every stock’s insights and displays those details on your monitor and also alerts you via Optech’s mobile app about the stock’s low & high quantity.

This inventory management is the heart of your whole business revenues & reviews. Get an instant idea of the product you have in your store, office and warehouse with your pocket phone accurately by Optech softwares.

Reason to implement

Inventory Management

List your company’s stock details with full details on your desktop computers with better precision to deliver in the exact time your customers want. Be a brand that balances stock as well as returns without any single losses. Keep the data at your fingertips to ensure that new orders are necessary or not.

Another reason is you can manage the complete goods/stocks live on the Optech installed system to take over the valid decision in a time of need. This cuts the unwanted ordering and extra available stocks in your basements.

Pluses of Adopting in your business…

  • The approach will be better from your employees by knowing the real-time data of goods and products in the store.
  • Completely reduce the over purchasing of a product than you need by the insights and purchase of previous reports.
  • Profit will be managed by neglecting the extra material orders.
  • Automate the goods entry task with a barcode scanner & replaces the pen and paper traditional method.


Sales Management –

Tracking your daily/monthly returns with exact data is simple with our modern monitoring system. Your employees can now easily sum the customer volumes, sales conversions, analyze past sales reports, and even gets an idea about improving your enterprise’s revenues & profits with Optech solutions.

Gather the entire analytics and reports of cash flows with top to bottom purchases from your shop at a single tap and find out the high revenue seasons and months for better business in the coming years.

Reason to implement

Sales Management

If you’re a raising company you must know and enforce this strategy to heighten your business earnings with clear calculations based on customer reviews and responses. Our sales management software leads you to attain some loss-free tradings and dealings by highlighting as well as remaining deadlines, customer feedback, stocks analytic reports etc.

Enhancing your service with this sales management implementation software so you can’t even miss a single customer on your side. This could happen only by our software’s tracking methods. We had great functionality like tracking the orders, payments, emails and GST taxes. So, one business can invest in our Optech technology without any second consideration or doubts

Pluses of Adopting in your business…

  • Can predict the result of your effort with this system.
  • You can structure your entire company’s work and expect the outcomes as per your desire.
  • Lifts productivity never than before by managing your company’s operations.
  • The sales team gains better flexibility to work and cuts some unwanted tasks for them.


Point of Sales –

Enter the product’s data and prices within a minute and tally as a single person with our POS system which upgrades your business speed and cuts the human errors completely on the total sum. Experience this new generation accounting model in your shop/office to see immediate queue clearance. Optech achieves more than 5000+ installations around India on the POS billing system. Our software gives complete security on digital payments with 100% customer satisfaction on shopping without any hang or interruption while money transferring.

Reason to implement


It is a user-friendly billing system which can work under both online & offline money transactions. Main reason to invest in this mode of billings is only for its environmental accessibility and performs most conveniently without any calculation errors as well as troubles. Don’t worry about the payment modes in this POS system it combines multi-mode of payments to satisfy all customers to purchase without any conditions i.e

  1. Credit card
  2. Mobile transactions
  3. Gift/Coupon cards
  4. From digital wallets
  5. Scanning it via Gpay/Phonepe/Paytm for flawless transactions
  6. Pay Later options.


Pluses of Adopting in your business…

  • From POS billing, you can meet your customer’s expectations on digital payment at any time of their purchasing.
  • Complete reduction of waiting time for any payments in hotels, grocery shops, Malls, Departmental stores etc.
  • By attaching a touch display you can feel a better UI experience for billing with easily understandable navigations.
  • Don’t make much effort to analyse sales that happened in your store, with POS your can track which are highly sold and
  • what the payment mode is done. So get a spot report about your groceries sales & customers’ interests to extend your profits.

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