Purchase Management Software

Optech Inventory’s completely customizable interface allows you to set stock thresholds, change the look and feel to your liking, along with many other features to make managing your purchase orders as simple as using your smartphone. We understand that purchase order operation isn’t the most glamorous or instigative thing, but it’s extremely important. To this day, the stylish way to keep track of all purchases made from one company to another is by purchase order. Paper has been a tried and true system of account in the history, paper trails similar as these can lead down the dreaded road of non-compliance and the ineluctable inspection. Because inaccuracies can be time consuming and greatly affect your bottom- line, Optech Inventory makes Purchase Order Management its top priority. Low stock announcements, pricing records, and monitoring functions make any buyer an immediate expert in efficient purchase management. These important features combined with Optech Inventory’s colorful import options are certain to keep both upper operation and the Account department in full compliance and happy. Whether you’re a small family business or a large pot, Optech Inventory can manage your purchase orders with ease. Whether you’re ordering small corridor, factors, apparel or outfit, Optech Inventory can keep track of these particulars, no matter how grainy or how large.

Our Optech software assembles your entire business in keen detail without any mismatches like who the seller/vendors, when the time/date was delivered, what is the price, GST information and how many people are purchased etc. It acts as a legal notice/quotation in time of any enquires.


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