Billing Software for Small Business

Are you a small business owner looking to save time and money on your billing and invoicing?

If so, you need to check out Optech Software’s GST billing software for small business. Our software automates your billing and invoicing processes so you can focus on growing your business.

Efficient Small Shop Billing Software by Optech


  • Automated invoicing: Our GST billing software automatically creates invoices for your products and services, including GST taxes.
  • Recurring billing: Our software creates recurring invoices for services that are billed on a regular basis.
  • GST compliance: Our software helps you comply with GST regulations by calculating the correct GST taxes and generating GST compliant invoices.
  • Reporting: Our software provides reports on your GST billing activities, such as the amount of GST collected, the number of invoices generated, and the GST compliance status of your customers.
  • Integration with accounting software: Our software integrates with your accounting software to keep your financial records up-to-date.
  • Mobile app: Our free mobile app allows you to create and manage invoices on the go.
  • Customization: Our software can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business with barcode scanning and SMS alerts.
  • Helpdesk support: We are here to help you with any problems you may encounter.


  • Optech’s GST billing software for small business automates tasks such as creating and sending invoices, so you can save time.
  • Our software provides a professional and efficient billing experience, so you can improve customer satisfaction.
  • Our software automates tasks and provides reports on your billing activities, so you can reduce errors in your billing.
  • Our software calculates the correct GST taxes and generates GST compliant invoices, so you can comply with GST regulations.

If you are looking for GST billing software for small business, Optech’s GST billing software is a good option to consider.

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